Excellence in Export

The Excellence in Export award recognises leading examples of businesses that are exporting their products internationally and are forging a strong reputation for Australian products and services in international markets. This applies to businesses that are exporting directly or through a third party.

Award eligibility check box

  • The business has been trading for a continuous period of two years or more, not bankrupt or trading insolvent at the time of entry.
  • The business has been exporting for two years or more


  1. Summarise your measurable export success/es in the past 24 months. Maximum word count: 350
  2. What is the competitive edge of your product/service in each of your export markets? Ie how does your business differentiates its product/service from the competition and how are you maintaining/improving this advantage? Maximum word count: 400
  3. Outline the key points of your international marketing strategy over the past 12- 24 months and what role it played in your company’s success. Maximum word count: 400
  4. What strategies (communication/advertising/promotional/partnerships etc.) have you implemented to promote and sustain awareness of your brand/s in overseas markets in the past 12-24 months? Maximum word count: 400
  5. Please state your total export earnings in each of your major overseas markets. Maximum word count: 200
  6. What are your export earnings as a proportion of total sales revenue? Maximum word count: 200

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