Excellence in Innovation

The Excellence in Innovation award recognises businesses that have made significant contributions to their industry through the introduction or improvement of an idea, method, technology, process or application.

Award eligibility check box

  • The business has been trading for a continuous period of two years or more, not bankrupt or trading insolvent at the time of entry.


  1. Provide details of the innovation or innovative approach in your business. Maximum word count: 300
  2. Explain how your business monitors and reacts to changes in the market including how your business acquires an understanding of emerging customer needs and market developments. Maximum word count: 300
  3. How well has the innovation been received by the marketplace?  Provide details of the cost effectiveness, integration, risk minimisation and commercialisation. Maximum word count: 300
  4. How has innovative activity in your business helped grow or improve your business such as increased size, greater scope, productivity improvements, higher revenue, and lower cost? Maximum word count: 400
  5. Demonstrate how the innovation has or is likely to have a positive impact beyond your business (i.e. to your industry, to the community). Maximum word count: 400
  6. How did this innovation achieve its objectives and goals? Maximum word count: 400

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