Excellence in Social Enterprise

The Excellence in Social Enterprise Award recognises an organisation, be it social, environmental cultural or economic.  

Award eligibility check box

  • The majority (at least 50%) of profits are used to work towards your social mission.
  • The organisation has not entered into the categories of Excellence in Micro Business, Excellence in Small Business and Excellence in Business category.


  1. Explain the social purpose of your organisation. Maximum word count: 300
  2. Explain how your purpose contributes to the community, cultural and/or environment. Maximum word count: 400
  3. Detail each of the strategies and actions undertaken to achieve your organisation’s social purpose. Maximum word count: 400
  4. Detail measurable evidence of how each of these strategies and actions is contributing to the achievement of the social purpose goals for your organisation. Maximum word count: 400
  5. Provide an overview of your five year strategy for future growth, sustainability and key milestones detailing how you are working towards achieving them. Maximum word count: 400


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