Outstanding Young Entrepreneur

The Outstanding Young Entrepreneur award recognises an inspirational young person aged between 18-30 years who, through their own commitment and passion, owns or part owns a successful business. This award recognises young business people who demonstrate outstanding entrepreneurial spirit, strategic direction and innovative ideas whilst providing inspiration to a new generation of upcoming young business people.

Award eligibility check box

  • I am aged between 18-30 years at the time of entry.
  • I am a current owner or part owner of a business.
  • I am not a NSW Business Chamber Staff Member, Regional Advisory Councillor, State Councillor or Board Member.


  1. Entrants first name:
  2. Entrants surname:
  3. Date of birth:
  4. Current Job title:
  5. Name of business organisation you own or part own:
  6. Date in which you established or took ownership of the business organisation
  7. Number of other owners:
  8. Percentage of ownership held by you:
  9. What problem have you solved? How did you identify it as a market need and what is your target market? Maximum word count: 300
  10. Describe your business’s innovative competitive advantage. Maximum word count: 300
  11. Describe how you funded your business. Maximum word count: 300
  12. Provide an overview of your five year strategies for future growth and key milestones detailing how you are currently working towards achieving these. Maximum word count: 450
  13. Detail the measurable growth and key achievements in your business over the past 24 months. Maximum word count: 450
  14. Describe the key challenges you have faced as a young entrepreneur and how you deal with these challenges. Maximum word count: 300


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