Tourism & Visitor Experience


This category is to acknowledge businesses delivering services and experiences to tourism and visitor audiences locally and further afield.


  1. Explain how you have achieved excellence in your nominated category.
    Maximum word count: 350
  2. Provide an overview of the key features of your business plan including goals, strategies and outcomes.
    Maximum word count: 400
  3. Define your businesses product and/or service offering/s.
    Maximum word count: 400
  4. Define your target market/s.
    Maximum word count: 300
  5. What is unique about your business in your industry i.e. what makes it stand out from your competitors?
    Maximum word count: 300
  6. Detail your achievements in the previous financial year and how this was achieved, for example strategies etc.
    Maximum word count: 450
  7. Detail the key challenges and opportunities your business and industry face in the future.
    Maximum word count: 300
  8. What strategies or plans do you have in place to address these challenges and/or opportunities?
    Maximum word count: 450
  9. Demonstrate how your business contributes to the local economy in your region. For example employing local people, local purchasing etc).
    Maximum word count: 250

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