Introducing the BEATS Awards Finalists in the category of Most Environmentally Sustainable Business

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This award was generously sponsored by SAE Group.

This award rewards those businesses who put environmentally friendly choices as guiding principles  in their  business decision making. We were thrilled with the amount and quality of these entries and happy to see new businesses applying.

This is how the finalists answered the question: DESCRIBE WHAT YOUR BUSINESS DOES.

Billabong Swim School

DSCN0032  2014-nomination-form

• Teach children to swim (babies starting at three months up to squad level) as well as adult lessons
• Teach special needs children to swim
• We educate parents and children about safety around the water as well as teaching them to enjoy the water and make it a very positive experience.
• We educate parents about the benefits of being healthy and physically fit with swimming.
• We encourage young mothers and fathers to become involved with their children in their early years as this involvement is so important in the child’s overall development both mentally, academically and physically.
• Prepare pre-school children for entry into primary school. Research (Griffith University) has shown that children who do swimming lessons reach developmental milestones ahead of children who do not do lessons therefore preparing them for entry into school.
• Prepare children to participate and do well in nippers and their school swimming carnivals. Our children in our top groups receive a high degree of success with almost all winning ribbons and many of them becoming their school champion or junior champion.
• Teach proper technique with all swimming strokes so children have the ‘gift for life’.

Green Clean Northern Rivers

shop logo van

  • Selling of Wholesale, retail and on line products
  • environmentally safe cleaning, personal, pet products
  • Bygum eucalyptus oil and products
  • Eco water saving cleaning cloths and products
  • Free local delivery and national distribution service
  • 100% Australian made
  • Promote and educate the public on how to obtain safe cleaning outcomes in the home and workplace
  • Attend local markets as a stall holder to get message to the public
  • Offer 100% safe natural cleaning solutions 


Gymea Eco Retreat

Gymea LogoGymea Eco Retreat & Spa is a sustainable residential retreat centre and day spa located in Uki.
Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa, Mt Warning, Uki NSW is a sustainable retreat & day spa centre catering for individuals, family, community and workshop groups. Gymea consists of 20 ensuite twin single or king double rooms, day spa, restaurant / cafe, 220sqm octagonal hall, 20m therapeutic Magnesium resort pool. The day spa is complete with modern hydrotherapy spa, sauna, steam room and plunge pool. Spa services include a full range of Organic massages and body treatments.
911_0330 - Sonia & StephenThe mission of Gymea Retreat & Spa, Uki is to create a highly influential sustainable, ecologically and socially responsible retreat centre that will achieve long-lasting impact on human sustainability through the delivery of world-class sustainable learning and ecotourism experiences in northern New South Wales of Australia. In short we aspire to provide an appropriate venue and environment that will assist and motivate others to co-create a sustainable world through engaging people in the realms of possibility.

Waste To Resource

Print Waste to Resource is a social enterprise with an aim to reduce waste resources going to landfill.
Waste to Resource:
• works with businesses FF 2013 Saturday 033to maximise resource recovery, help them save money, build their green credentials and do the right thing
• helps businesses, events and communities build awareness of waste streams with audiences, staff and customers to use the right bin
• sets up internal and external waste & resource collection systems to maximise resource recovery
• assists businesses/events to purchase products that are sustainability produced and can be easily reused or recycled
• trains job seekers to work at events to help audiences use the right bin, then audit and decontaminate bins to ensure streams are re-sourced
• finds recipients for business waste so the resource is reused or recycle locally
• promotes the value and ease of recycling and reusing and the movement towards a circular economy
• helps divert hundreds of tonnes of waste resources from landfill.

Vital Signs environmental
VS Enviro Pty Ltd logo 2014 gif

  • We offer a professional range of environmental, ecological and fauna management services. We are based in Palmvale and have been servicing the residential, commercial, resource and infrastructure industries since 2004.
  • 139Our core business is Fauna Management (terrestrial and marine) ie: Spotter Catcher Services where we undertake the capture and relocation of at-risk fauna on large or small scale development & construction sites.
  •  Marine Fauna Observer & Marine Fauna Awareness training ie: utilising our custom made survey vessels to patrol waterways around infrastructure or development works for marine wildlife. We aim to ensure that there is minimum impact on the marine life due to the operations of works, and also partake in marine surveys from the vessels. We also develop and facilitate custom made training packages for corporations to upskill their staff in awareness of fauna issues.
  •  Ecological surveys and habitat assessment (flora and fauna).
  •  Environmental compliance: we offer a variety of compliance services and solutions including environmental risk assessments through to project-wide Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP)

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