2019 Terms and Conditions of Entry

1. How to enter

1.1. To enter BEATS all applicants must read and understand the terms and conditions and complete the on-line entry form for your chosen category.
1.2. To enter you must be web-enabled with a NSW Business Chamber website member login.
1.3. All submissions are to be lodged through the portal found on the BEATS website which will connect with the NSW Business Chamber portal website.
1.4. By lodging your submission, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of entry.
1.5. Your entry must be submitted by 11:55pm Australian Eastern Standard time on 24 June 2019. BEATS Awards reserves the right to extend or vary the entry period if required, before or after the award entry period commences.
1.6. There are no direct entries into the NSW Business Chamber State Awards.
1.7. A business can enter more than one category.

2. Who can enter?

2.1. Entries can be made by any business located within the Tweed Shire.
2.2. Entries can be made by Associate members of the NSW Business Chamber with the Local Chamber of Commerce limited entitlement package.
2.3. Members of local chambers that are Chamber Alliance Partners.
2.5. All businesses must have been in operation for at least two years.
2.6. Entry into the Business Awards Program is not open to Board Members (or their businesses) of the NSW Business Chamber or individuals/businesses of the BEATS Organising Committee.
2.7. Entry into the Young Business Executive, Young Entrepreneur or Business Leader categories is not open to NSW Business Chamber Regional Advisory Councillors.

3. 2018 winners

3.1. Local, Regional and State Winners from the 2018 NSW Business Chamber Awards program or the BEATS Awards cannot enter the same category in the subsequent year (2019) that they won.
3.2. Local, State and Regional Winners are free to enter any other category in 2019 other than the category they were a winner of in 2018.

4. Entry requirements

4.1. All entries for consideration must be lodged online and include the required information.
4.2. BEATS and NSW Business Chamber reserves the right to declare any entry ineligible, if during the term of the award process your entry form is incomplete or deficient, false or misleading in any way.
4.3. Your entry will be allocated to a NSW Business regional awards program, based on your postcode as stored in our membership database. You cannot change your postcode once you have started your entry however you can change the region in which you are entering.

5. Opening dates

5.1. Entry date commences from 3 May 2019
5.2. BEATS and NSW Business Chamber reserves the right to extend or vary the entry period if required, before or after the award entry period commences.

6. Closing Date

6.1. Close date is 24 June 2018
6.2. BEATS and NSW Business Chamber reserves the right to extend or vary the entry period if required, before or after the award entry period commences.

7. Confidentiality

7.1. All information provided in the entry portal will be used for the purpose of judging only and will be treated as commercial-in-confidence by BEATS and NSW Business Chamber.
7.2. If you are selected as a Gala Evening Finalist, the information provided in the entry will be used for the purpose of promoting BEATS and your business.

8. Judging Panel

8.1. BEATS 2019 will be judged by an independent panel selected by NSW Business Chamber. Judges are selected from out of the Tweed Shire and there is no contact directly between the BEATS organising committee and the judges. This is facilitated through NSW Business Chamber.
8.2. The judge’s decision is final and no further correspondence will be entered into.
8.3 In situations where there is only one entrant for a category in a Regional Award, this entry will be judged. Subject to meeting a gateway score, the entry will become an automatic State Finalist and will be awarded a State Finalist certificate and represent their region at the State Gala event.

9. People’s Choice Award

These T&C’s are subject to change for BEATS 2019

9.1 The BEATS People’s Choice Award is held outside the NSWBC entry portal and is comprised of two (2) rounds.
9.2 The first round is the nomination round. Ten (10) of the most nominated businesses will progress to the second round.
9.3 In the case of individual business nominations having equal numbers of nominations, and all equally being eligible for entry into the second round, each nominee will be allocated a number and selected for second round voting by a random number generation as provided by www.random.org. Subsequent nominees will be added to the second round through additional random number selection until ten (10) nominees are reached. For example, five (5) nominees have multiple nominations and receive automatic entry into the second round. The remaining 20 nominees, who each only received one (1) nomination, are selected though a process of elimination via random number generation rounds.
9.4 The second round is the anonymous voting poll round.
9.5 Poll results will be unavailable for public viewing and the winner of the public voting poll will be announced on the evening of the Gala Awards night on 28 July.
9.6 The winner of People’s Choice is required to be present at the BEATS Gala Awards event on 28 July. If the most voted nominee is not present on the evening, the award will go to the second most voted for nominee, etcetera until a second round nominee is deemed present to accept the award.
9.7 In the event of two (2) or more most voted for nominees receiving an identical number of votes the voting poll will be opened for an additional 24 hours. Finalists will be notified of this action.

BEATS Awards Terms and Conditions

1. Agree to your business being profiled in the media and members of the media and sponsors contacting you. The winners may receive publicity through participating media organisations.
2. Applicant’s principle place of business must be within the Tweed Shire.
3. Franchisors residing within the Tweed Shire, as well as individual Franchisees are permitted to enter.

The 2019 BEATS committee reserve the right to modify or change these Terms and Conditions of Entry without notice.

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